Thursday, May 21, 2009

Entirely Edible

Week of May 10 through 16

Our bell pepper plant is budding with a recognizable baby pepper shape. This tiny wrinkled pepper appeared over the course of just three days.

I was finally able to facilitate some squash sex! Sadly, "Let's Get It On" was not playing, and I didn't have time to light any candles. I'm sure the squash mating was still a sight to see as I straddled the newly opened male and female blooms wearing a black dress and stiletto heels, with a towel wrapped around my wet hair while I transferred pollen between the flowers with a Q-tip. That's hot. The squash plants that once had their sexuality in question are now growing three healthy babies.

Our tomatoes keep getting bigger and bigger, and recently a new crop of flowers has popped out near the top of our plants. With any luck, those flowers will produce massive tomatoes like the ones we already have.

The herbs are also doing well. They need to be transplanted into a larger container so that they can continue to grow, but with The Husband out of the country, they will have to wait another week.

Every day I am amazed by the growth in our garden. I will never tire of the little miracles I see in our plants.

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  1. "squash sex" - there is a term I have never heard before! FUN! It is all looking very pretty and yummy Lauren. You and Anthony are pros!