Monday, May 18, 2009

A Surfeit of Sewing

Week of May 10 through 16

While The Husband has been gone, I have indulged myself by spending hours in my craft room. Sewing is my favorite pass-time and I love to have projects to occupy myself with. The Husband has noted on many occasions how cheerful and contented I seem after I have spent my leisure time sewing. Sewing seems to squelch The Crazy, and since my time hasn't been otherwise occupied by wifely duties, I have had plenty of time this week for textile therapy.

May means graduation, so I spent some time embroidering towels for friends who are walking the stage. I think embroidered towels are the perfect high school graduation gift. Your new roommate in the dorm can't accidentally confuse your towel for theirs when they need to clean up the beer they spill.

I also embroidered a diaper cover for a sorority sister who recently had a baby boy. On second thought, personalized underwear might make a good dorm gift for future college students, too.

This weekend was the annual Alumni Brunch for my sorority and, since my mom was hostessing, I made a new tablecloth and napkins for her for the occasion. I used my ruffler foot to create a 2-inch pleated ruffle around the edge of the tablecloth, and my serger to make a fabric ribbon accent that coordinated with the napkins. I serged the edges of the napkins, then added a kite applique with my embroidery machine.

Around Our House Next Week: More sewing!

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  1. You are so creative! I need a find a way to get that special touch!