Monday, June 1, 2009

Yum Yum

Week of May 24 through 30

We picked our first tomato this week! When we returned home from our four-day Memorial Day weekend vacation (and birthday celebration) we discovered that one of the largest tomatoes on the vine had ripened while we were away. Ripe homegrown tomatoes are a much more pleasant to come upon than some of the other things we've found after a being away from the house for a few days. Namely, cat vomit.

Our first tomato was huge! Just as big as those one might purchase in the grocery store. We had been anxiously anticipating this moment since we first planted our tiny tomato plants in the ground, and it required a tremendous amount of restraint not to bite into the red, warm, firm, fleshy tomato as soon as we pulled it off of the plant. It was all we could do to take commemorative pictures and weigh the fruit for our bloggy documentation. (Over a pound, for those of us keeping score.)

As soon as I snapped the last photo, The Husband sliced into our garden fresh produce and took a huge bite. Delicious. Nothing compares to home grown tomatoes. The first delectable dish made with ingredients from our garden was a crisp, fresh caprese salad. And it was the best we'd ever eaten.

We also harvested more green beans, and another yellow squash. We steamed the green beans, then mixed them with sauteed mushrooms and diced tomatoes (from the garden!). We steamed the squash, then added melted butter, salt and pepper. Both homegrown dishes were so yummy, and left us eagerly awaiting more harvests from our garden.

Around Our House Next Week: Bring on the vegetables!

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