Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Forgotten Foliage

Week of May 10 through 16

We have been so excited with the recent development of our tomatoes and beans, that some of the other fruits and flowers in our landscape have gone unmentioned for weeks. I begging foliage-forgiveness here as I post about our left out leafage.

My Dad planted blackberry bushes for us back in April. At first, they looked like dead sticks poking up from the ground. Recently, the canes have sprouted leaves, and now they look more like fruit-bearing shrubs, and less like something out of The Blair Witch Project.

The flower bed in our front yard has burst forth with color. We built and planted this bed more than eight weeks ago, and I have been remiss in not posting about how absolutely beautiful is has become.

Also beautiful is the small bed by the sidewalk to our front door that The Husband planted, in the rain, by himself, the same weekend we built our garden. The ornamental peppers in that bed have grown into gorgeous textural treats for my eyes, and I smile every time I pull into our driveway and see them and our bright red geraniums.

8 weeks ago


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