Friday, May 8, 2009

Fruits and Flowers

Week of April 26 through May 2

Our yard and our garden are bursting with life and color. Our plants have been spoiled by the rain and the 80 degree weather of the last week. I don't know how I'm going to explain to them that last week was a fluke. Generally, it is dryer and hotter. Much hotter.

Our garden continues to amaze me. It is such a joy to witness the new developments. In the last week our tomato plants have shot up and entire foot, the tiny purple blooms on our bean plants have produced tiny green beans, and our bell pepper plant set fruit from one of its little white flowers.

The fruit on our tomato plants has continued to grow larger, as has our one lone squash. We've had a bit of trouble getting the squash blossoms fertilized. I think our squash may be gay. We've had two male flowers open, then whither, just one day before two female blossoms opened. So far, we haven't had the right combination of male and female blossoms open at the same time. As soon as we can get the boys and girls mingling though, we'll be out in the yard lighting mood candles and blasting Barry White music.

Quite a few nights this week, The Husband and I have sat out on the patio after work, sipping wine and enjoying the beauty of our yard. The colorful blooms on our celosia, gardenia, geraniums and hydrangeas are intoxicating. This is the payoff for the hours of work we've put into our yard, and we couldn't be happier.


  1. Beautiful! I just love Gardenia bushes. They smell so wonderful!

  2. Are you trying to taunt me with the tomato plant photos? Is it wrong for me to secretly (well, not so secretly now) wish very bad things to happen to your tomato plants?