Monday, June 22, 2009

Hedda Lettuce

Week of June 14 through 20

Last season on Project Runway the designers were challenged to create fabulous outfits for some super awesome drag queens. One of those drag queens wore only green (and lots of ruffles) and went by "Hedda Lettuce". Apparently, she's my subconscious idol.

My most recent crafty creation is a completely accidental homage to Hedda's style. All of my own volition, I chose a green, nubby voile fabric and Simplicity pattern 2599, a pattern with lots of ruffle variations. How did I not foresee how this was going to turn out?

, I wanted to grab the pink version of this fabric for my top. But, If I bought every pink article of clothing that I gravitated towards, I would forever resemble the love child of Pepto-Bismol and The Pink Panther.

By purposely choosing something other than my signature color, I inadvertently turned myself into a garden vegetable. That's not going to stop me from showing my roots in this top every now and again, even if I'm pretty sure the Pepto-Panther would win in a fight.

I was very impressed with the detailing of this pattern. And the professional way with which the instructions directed the construction. I taught myself how to stitch a french seam this weekend, using this pattern as inspiration, because I really wanted my blouse to have that "off the rack" look. I would expect nothing less from a Cynthia Rowley design.

My top even has a fabulous silver metallic stripe. For that extra bit of show-stopping sparkle. I think Hedda would be proud.

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