Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Fruits of Our Labor

Week of April 12 through 18

This has been a very exciting week in our garden. Our plants have made little baby fruit! I was so happy to see the tiny tomatoes and itty-bitty squash that I momentarily forgot about my aversion to all things squash related. I continue to be amazed by the growth of our garden. Over the course of only three days the plants produced these little fruit-lings. It is truly miraculous!

I am also astounded by the resilience of our plants. A few weeks ago, when the weather was not cooperating with our gardening efforts, I thought that my herb sprouts had been murdered by a freak hail storm. After their senseless demise, I continued to water the entire tray of herbs (mostly because the spray from the hose is impossible to control) and this week, I noticed brand new chive and rosemary sprouts coming up in my herb garden. (They're hard to see, but the teensy sprouts are on the far right.)

Our citrus trees are also thriving, and the lone lemon The Husband left on our lemon tree continues to grow larger. Before he left, The Husband scolded me for touching his prized lemon. Apparently, touching it could cause it to fall off of the tree. But it is so cute! And I look with my eyes and my hands!

We have been very fortunate in the past few weeks to receive a good number of April showers. The steady rainfall has been enormously beneficial to our garden, and to our water bill. It rained most of Easter Sunday, which was great for the plants, but not so great for The Husband, who had to sit on the runway for two hours before the weather cleared enough for his plane to take off. I know he will be happy to come home from his business trip and see the progress the garden has made in his absence.

Around Our House Next Week: The Husband Comes Home and The Cotton Anniversary

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