Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100% Cotton

Week of April 19 through 25

The Husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary this week. As trite and cliched as it sounds, it is hard to believe that another year has passed.

The year since our first anniversary has been an exciting year for us. We bought and moved into our first house this year. The Husband is going to want to be technical about this (engineers, sheesh) and technically we moved into our house right before our first anniversary. April 2008 was a big month for us, and everything mushed together in my brain. We definitely made our house a home this year, so I'm going to count that. In July we travelled to Chicago with my parents for a fun vaction on the Magnificent Mile. We survived Hurricane Ike in August with no damage to our house, but were without power for three weeks. In October, The Husband earned a promotion that meant a little less international travel for him and a lot more responsibility. We hosted our families for Christmas for the first time in December. Then, in January, we celebrated The Husband's parents' 30th wedding anniversary at Disney World on a jam-packed whirlwind trip. In February, we skiied Colorado with some friends. I need a nap.

The Husband returned from his business trip just in time to celebrate this year together. He prepared a delicious anniversary dinner for us. Steak with blue cheese sauce, fresh baby green salad with homemade dressing and celery root mashed potatoes. Delectable. We drank the same wines that we had at our wedding reception and caught up with each other over our romantic dinner for two. Are you gagging at the adorableness yet?

Because the second anniversary gift is traditionally cotton, I set the table with cotton linens and used a cluster of cotton bolls as the centerpiece. I also wrapped The Husband's gifts in cotton chambray and tied cotton bolls into the bows. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little, because I am just too precious.

After our wonderful dinner, The Husband and I opened cards and gifts from our family, and then exchanged our gifts to each other. I gave The Husband 100% cotton terry shop towels and a stacked dado set for his table saw. I am expecting many home improvement projects to commence with these new tools. The Husband is expecting to purchase many more tools to go with these new tools. Somehow the desire to buy new tools is fueled by having just bought a new tool. I think tool manufacturers include a special testosterone activator inside each tool case that turns DIYers into tool addicts. They call it crack. And then you have to buy crack filler, a spackle knife, sandpaper and paint to fix the problem.

The Husband gave me a "clean cotton" scented candle (he's too cute!) and a new cotton quilt* for our bed.

Did I mention that we ate cake? We had cake. It was good cake. REALLY good cake. I recommend cake to anyone. For anything. I ordered an anniversary cake from the same fantastically gifted woman who made our wedding cake. It was divine, and the perfect ending to a perfect anniversary celebration.

*I have no picture of the beautiful quilt from the Husband because I was distracted by CAKE.

Around Our House Next Week: Lots of cleaning and a little sewing, maybe some closet shelf installation (please hubby please?!)

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  1. Lauren it sounds like you guys had a very fun and sweet anniversary! I didn't gag once! I cannot believe I am just now finding out you have a blog?! You must write more!