Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Everything's Coming Up Beans

Week of March 22 through 28

It hailed this week at our house. The end of March and it is hailing? Must be global warming. It rained almost all week - which was great for the garden. Then on Friday, it hailed. Little pea-sized blobs of ice fell from the sky - right onto the herbs we had just moved outdoors. I'm not sure if they will make a recovery, especially since they were already working their little chloroplasts to the bone trying to set out new roots.

Happily, our garden didn't sustain any damage from the freak weather we've been having. Did I mention that it was cold enough last weekend for us to have a fire in our fireplace? In March! Not that I mind. I love the cold weather mainly because it gives me an excuse to wear flannel pajamas and cocoon myself on the couch in a blanket - and I'll always take an excuse to be cozy and lazy at the same time. The tomatoes on the other hand, don't really have the option of flannel pajamas, though they would probably look pretty cute in them if they did. Because of our schizophrenic weather, we didn't see much growth in most of our garden this week. Except for the beans.

The beans! They are amazing! I never should have doubted them. They have been enthusiastically taking root in their ordered rows since they first poked their tiny green heads out of the soil. They continue to grow, neatly lined up, like a little legume legion, awaiting my compulsive command. Like any good army, they were unfazed by the unpredictable weather, and I swear I saw them out there in the rain, doing push ups. Those beans should really convince the herbs to enlist.

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