Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Week of July 5 through 11

Two of our dear friends, Amanda and Brandon, got married this weekend in Dallas. Their wedding was beautiful and their reception was a blast. We are so glad that we got to share in their special day. We couldn't be happier for them as they start their life together.

No, they didn't have the ceremony "Around Our House", but our preparations to attend their wedding did take place at our abode. After all, dear internet, you wouldn't expect me to attend a wedding without crafting of some kind taking place, now would you? I didn't think so.

I love the adorable hoodies that brides are wearing, proudly flaunting their soon-to-be new moniker on the back. I had one when I got married, and I still wear it. I hate to admit it, but the first place I saw this idea was on BritBrit after her doomed wedding to K-Fed. I don't know if that makes these hoodies hot, celebrity-endorsed fashion, or a staple for white-trash weddings. Haute or not, I loved my hoodie so much that I think it makes the perfect gift for any newly-engaged bride-to-be. And thus, I've started churning out personalized "Mrs." hoodies every time a guy pops the question. Back in February, I sent Amanda her own personalized hoodie, made in her wedding colors of black and white. Her hoodie does have her new last name on it, but this is the internet, so names have been edited to protect those who are innocent of posting on public blogs.

As a girl from the South, I can't get enough of monograms. Monograms make everything classy. If the thong hanging out of the back of your jeans is monogrammed, I assume you came from grace and good-breeding. The same goes for that monogrammed cigarette case you're using to hold your unfiltereds as you balance that baby in a diaper on your hip while buying pregnancy tests and a suitcase of Natty Light at 10 in the morning at the 7-11. Monogrammed undies means classy lady. No monogram means you're just another white trash chick who can't keep it in her pants. The thong, I mean

In all seriousness, monograms are classic and personal, which makes them perfect for weddings. And wedding gifts. Especially in the South where we are obsessed with living well and we crave a touch of nostalgia. My favorite gift to give the bride and groom is towels monogrammed with their initials. I monogrammed Amanda and Brandon's wine colored towels with copper thread to match the bath accessories they registered for.

I also made my dress for the wedding. No big surprise there, huh? It seems all I have written about in the last month has been sewing. Well let me stop you there because I've also written about rain. So there.

I started out making a purple-gray silk shantung sheath, then changed my mind half-way through and started on a simple shift dress made from a lengthened shirt pattern. Using the construction methods described in Simplicity pattern 2593, and adding a lining along the way, I made an off-white shift with a twisted neckline. Then, I cut abstract flowers and leaves from a hand-painted batik fabric and appliqued them to the skirt of the dress using a running stitch. I liked the raw edges of the cutouts and how they would fray and roll after each washing, so I opted against satin-stitching around the appliques. To add a little glam, I hand-stitched black sequins to the centers of the flowers. The result is a comfy dress that is dressy enough for a summer wedding but that I can also wear to work with a cardigan. The Husband did point out to me that I made a white dress for a wedding, something I didn't even think of until he said it. Major fashion faux pas. Now I'll have to show you my monogrammed panties to prove that I'm a classy broad.

Below is a slideshow of a few highlights from Amanda and Brandon's lovely wedding. Photos by me; gorgeous decor, unfortunately, not. Enjoy.

Around Our House Next Week: Bachelorette Brouhaha


  1. All super gorgeous! Love your new dress - The print and cut is perfect!

  2. I think Madonna wore a Mrs. Ritchie jacket before Britney wore hers. So maybe the jacket is a curse for celebrities, but super-fab for mortals!